1500 PPM Toothpaste

Toothpaste 1500 PPM fluoride containing sodium fluoride helps prevent tooth decay And hydroxyapatite helps to form a protective layer, similar to a natural pulp protective layer. Helps to effectively reduce tooth sensitivity. Contains multiple extracts for fresh breathing and good oral health.

Sodium Fluoride

Prevent cavities by reducing the formation of dental plaque and removing enamel, thereby reducing calcium loss on enamel and preventing bacterial and plaque accumulation. It forms on the enamel of teeth and therefore does not cause tooth decay.

Nanoxim carepaste

Effectively reduces tooth sensitivity. Helps promote the remineralization of the tooth surface because it has the ability to adhere to the tooth surface. Helps keep tooth surfaces smooth and protects them from damage caused by acids in food and drinks.

Zinc citrate

A substance that helps inhibit tartar formation or Anti-Tartar that is mixed in toothpaste. It is a substance that reduces the growth of calcium phosphate crystals in plaque. By its mechanism of action, Zinc Citrate has a positive charge, which is attracted to the negative charge of Phosphate ions, causing interference with Calculus formation (because Calcium Phosphate is not formed), helping reduce plaque. Reduces the amount of bacteria by the charge of Zinc (zinc ion) directly affecting anaerobic bacteria and helps reduce the amount of VSC (volatile sulfur compound), which is the cause of bad breath.

Diospyros Kaki Fruit Extract

Natural extracts from Japanese persimmons have the effect of inhibiting germs and helping to reduce unwanted odors by having a mechanism for changing the structure of the odor to eventually become odorless and causing the unwanted odor to disappear.

Komplex Oral care

Propolis is made from pollen and rubber or resin collected by bees from different parts of flowers, petals, leaves, and trees. It is mixed with enzymes in bee saliva. Propolis may contain a small amount of beeswax and other ingredients. Propolis can help improve the health of teeth and gums, as follows:

1. Gingival degeneration and gingivitis

2. Reduce tooth sensitivity

3. Helps heal oral ulcers and heats up the mouth

4. Remove tartar, cigarette, tea, and coffee stains

5. Preventing cavities

6. Eliminate bad breath

7. Anti inflammation

8. Antibacterial and inhibitory effects on the spread of bacteria and

Rhatany (root) contains an important substance, tannins (tannins), which are astringent, used as an astringent medicine. (Astringents) used to treat wounds, bleeding, tighten the gums and aid in wound healing. and has anti-oxidant properties, helping to promote good oral hygiene thus reducing gingivitis problems make the gums strong.

Myrrh (gum) is an extract obtained from Resin (wood sap), which is obtained from the Commiphora tree, a bitter and astringent resin. astringent effect (Astringents), which helps tighten the gums and helps in oral wound healing and has anti-oxidant properties Helps to create good oral hygiene, thereby reducing gingivitis and strengthening gums.

Salvia (leaves) is an active ingredient that is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and deodorizing.

Peppermint Oil

It has a refreshing scent and is anti-microbial.

Minimum production is only 500 pieces (50 g.),with an investment of only THB 50,000