AHA BHA LHA PHA Miracle Toner

Toner containing BHA, LHA, PHA, and AHA helps to remove acne and gently removes dead skin cells. Helps to remove clogged dirt from pores, which is the main cause of blackheads and reduces excess oil. Enhance skin barrier, enhance pores, and retain moisture. Including making the skin look natural, bright, and smooth.

Poly Hydroxy Acid

Makes the face exfoliate skin cells and causing less irritation. Therefore suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Beta-Lipohydroxy Acid

It is a derivative of BHA because it contains salicylic acid, which is effective on skin cells. It helps to treat and prevent acne. It is suitable for people with acne, enlarged pores, and oily skin.

Glycolic acid

Glycolic acid has small molecules that make it easier for the skin to absorb and help regulate skin cells more effectively. Other AHAs also help stimulate the skin to produce collagen, making the skin firm and elastic.

Beta Hydroxy Acid

BHA is an oil soluble exfoliating agent that can penetrate into pores to exfoliate, improve pores, and reduce clogging. It also has a mild bactericidal effect, which helps reduce the inflammation and blockage of acne, especially suitable for people with oily skin.


The extract from corn. It contains Saccharide Isomerate to moisturize the skin. By acting as a Moisture Magnet and absorbing moisture to the skin for a long time. Reduce irritation from dry skin conditions and lack of maintenance for a long time Reduce irritation from products containing AHA, providing moisture for 72 hours.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

Helps to make the skin appear bright, reduce black spots, brighten the skin again, and increase smoothness. Anti irritating, reduces redness, enhances skin cell walls, moisturizes, and tightens A healthy appearance makes pores appear smaller. Some studies have shown that it can also
reduce inflammation in acne.

Minimum production is only 500 pieces (100 ml.), with an investment of only THB  56,000.