Customer Journey


The customer journey is the path a consumer takes from before they become a customer, up until the point where they decide to purchase a product or service. This includes trying out the product, as well as returning to repurchase the same product or service again, leading to long-term brand loyalty. When we understand the customer’s path, it serves as a guide for doing business in a way that enables us to better comprehend consumer behavior, and to plan our marketing more effectively.

Beginning from the first point where the customer should see, namely,

Awareness Creating awareness. We need to establish awareness amongst customers first by having them get to know the company, product information, stories that the brand intends to present through various media such as social media, advertisements, or by word of mouth referrals.

Engagement Getting customers to participate. Enable customers to engage with us whether through chatting, sharing posts, following pages, or inquiring for more details.

Convert Purchasing products or services. The stage where customers decide to purchase products or services, starting from account creation or filling in purchase information, payment through various channels. However, if there are difficulties during the purchase such as payment system failures, or not receiving good service from sales staff or admins, it may lead to customers deciding not to buy our products and switch to support other brands instead.

Another important point is Excited – The point to surprise customers. A good customer journey must have good excited points such as creating content, images, discounts, after sales service, results. If we can create wow factors or surprise customers well, they will return to participate again or repurchase our products.

The customer journey is considered crucial for marketing. The more we understand it, the more it will enable us to profoundly comprehend our customers.