Sea Water Anti-Acne Mousse Foam

Mousse foam product, facial cleansing foam, soft foam, does not hurt the skin. Gentle cleansing agents help scrub away impurities from the face thoroughly. Ready to preserve the skin to be smooth and soft. Combined with extracts from high purity sea water, rich in various minerals. By reducing allergic irritation symptoms Helps maintain elasticity and make the skin look radiant. Maintains moisture with a pH-Balance 5.5 formula, making it gentle for sensitive skin. There are also extracts from rainbow and red seaweed to help smooth the skin and reduce skin inflammation.

Jeju Sea water

Jeju Island’s seawater is purified by being filtered through porous volcanic rock (basalt), which removes parasites and heavy metals, leaving only minerals. This is the unique characteristic of the rocks that occur in this geography and is Jeju Magma Sea Water that is clean and rich in beneficial minerals. Has the properties of being an antioxidant. Helps stimulate the growth of hair follicle cells Helps in cell division and growth. Tests its effectiveness against atopic dermatis and those with acne problems. It was found that allergy symptoms decreased. The skin is more moisturized. Skin looks brighter. The marks of inflamed acne are reduced. and oiliness decreased.

Polynesian Lagoon Water

Pure mineral water from Tahiti, from a lake near the coral reef in the center of Polynesia, France, at a depth of 10 meters. Through the sterilization process, it contains high minerals such as sulfur; Magnesium; Potassium; Sodium; Calcium.

Ingredient Feature

– Enhance water retention

– Relieve skin irritation

– Helps to relax the skin

– Increase skin elasticity, making it look radiant and radiant

Rainbow Algae Extract

Rainbow algae extract reduces dull skin. Make the skin color smooth and bright with obvious results. By inhibiting the formation of 3 types of melanin, it also protects from blue light. (anti-bluelight) as well.


It is an active substance from Atlantic red algae. rich in calcium combined with Matrix technology to help strengthen the skin barrier for all 5 functions, making the skin healthy. Prevents skin from inflammation, redness and loss of water. Helps the skin retain moisture for a long time even after using it. Makes the skin full of water, shine, smooth, soft to the touch, protects the skin from irritation.

Succinic aicd

Helps to exfoliate skin cells according to the normal cycle of skin cells. prevents the accumulation of skin cells until Comedone helps antioxidant Including inhibiting the growth of bacteria C. acne which is the cause of inflammatory acne. cause low skin irritation compared to Salicylic Acid.

Minimum production is only 500 pieces (100 ml.),with an investment of only THB 54,500