Happi Essence

The ultimate innovation essence Revitalizes the skin in the first step of nourishment. Helps soothe the skin from dryness. irritation from Sacran Extract that provides 10 times the moisture equivalent to using Hya, reduces inflammation and irritation Combined with good luck extract from four-leaf clover leaf extract, it contains vitamin E, vitamin B3, and 11 molecules of hyaluron that help make the skin flexible and healthy. The first step of skin care. The first step of Happy Skin.


SACRAN is a polysaccharide extracted from Taro Aso’s natural water source in Kyushu, Japan. Japanese scientist Dr. Miyako Okajima discovered and studied Sackland Many aspects are as follows.
1. It is a substance produced by algae. Algae are found in dry places with
little water. Therefore, Sacran is used to prevent algae dehydration. This is
because most of the structure of Sacran is sugar, so it is very good at
absorbing water. This means that if we use sacran to apply to the skin 1
time, it is equivalent to using hya 10 times.
2. It has a large molecular size and liquid crystal-like characteristics, and
can form a thin film and a virtual water film to protect the skin from
long-term moisturizing and external pollution
3. Research has shown that Sacran has anti-inflammatory effects and helps
reduce redness. Japanese doctors use sacran instead of steroids to treat severe
skin inflammation and use anti acne drugs to alleviate inflammation. It was
found that its efficacy is equivalent to level 2 steroids.

Trifolium Repens Extract

The extract of four leaf clover is originally produced in Koijigahama, Illaco Point, Tahara City. This is the birthplace of the famous four leaf clover in Japan. The city’s slogan is “Everyone can feel the happiness of four leaf clover.”. It represents good luck in various aspects such as work, finance, hope, love, etc. If someone encounters a clover, it means they will encounter true love and unexpectedly lose their luck!! It is believed that out of 10000 clovers, only one has 4 tips, and its theme is “Happy Clover Happy Skin.”. Elastin is a protein that helps enhance skin elasticity. It stimulates the production of dance, which is a protein that helps to produce elastin. It is responsible for organizing elastin monomers. Create elastic fibers and help elevate the skin.

N-Acetyl Glucosamine

N-acetyl-D Glucosamine used in conjunction with Vitamin B3 acts as a whitening agent and can remove dark spots. Including stimulating the skin to produce Hyaluronic Acid naturally. Make your skin soft and moisturized. and can help reduce wrinkles Provides gentle moisture from under the skin and also effective in skin cell renewal without irritating the skin It can help reduce the incidence of clogged acne.

Vitamin B3

Helps to make the skin appear bright, reduce black spots, brighten the skin again, and increase smoothness. Anti irritating, reduces redness, enhances skin cell walls, moisturizes, and tightens A healthy appearance makes pores appear smaller. Some studies have shown that it can also
reduce inflammation in acne.

Witch hazel extract

It is a plant from North America, a small shrub. When extracted, it produces an extract called tannin. It has outstanding characteristics of soothing the skin, reducing inflammation, resisting allergies, and repairing the skin, which helps with skin elasticity. Stimulate the skin to produce elastin and collagen under the skin, making the skin firm, non dry, and enhancing skin strength.Smooth, moisturize, and tighten pores on the skin, making them appear smaller and shallower, helping to heal skin with antioxidant properties.

Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Tocopherol can easily absorbed by the skin, can promote skin metabolism, prevent pigmentation, improve skin elasticity and moisturize the skin. Tocopherol is used as a natural antioxidant, it reacts primarily with reactive oxygen species and plays an important role in light protection, reducing UV-induced free radical damage to skin.

Hyaluronan 11 multi-complex

Combines the power of 11 types of Hyaluronic Acid with various molecular sizes. Passed through special technology like High Pressure Homogenization. Causes a thin film to protect the skin. Replenishes moisture to the skin perfectly. From the outer skin to the inner skin Stimulate the creation of collagen Increase skin elasticity Reduce wrinkles Makes the skin look healthy.

1.Hyaluronic Acid: Low Molecule ≤10 KDa helps increase Aquaporin-3,
which is the channel for water flow to the skin. Moisturizes the skin and
controls skin elasticity better.

2.Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid: Low Molecule 10 KDa increases moisture
and maintains moisture levels within the skin.

3.Potassium Hyaluronate: Low Molecule 10 KDa helps increase moisture
from the inside of the skin. to the outer surface And helps maintain
moisture levels in the skin layer Epidermis.

4.Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate: Low Molecule 10 KDa can absorb into
the skin well. Helps maintain moisture in the skin.

5.Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate: Molecule 100 KDa is a component in
NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) in the skin, which acts to bind water to
the skin.

6.Hydroxypropyltrimonium Hyaluronate: Molecule 500-800 KDa Cationic
Hyaluronic Acid helps create a film coating on the skin. Maintains moisture
for the skin for a long time.

7-10.Sodium Hyaluronate: has 4 molecular sizes, from 300Kda, 700KDa,
1300KDa and 2000KDa, maintaining moisture for the skin. and helps create
a protective film layer on the skin. It helps absorb water from the outside
atmosphere into the skin and prevents water evaporation from the skin.

11. Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer: Molecule >3000 KDa helps create a
film layer that helps retain water and maintain moisture for the skin.
Prevents wrinkles

Sodium Hyaluronate Solution

Extracted from fermented corn and soybeans until obtaining sodium hyaluronate, it helps to maintain and replenish the moisture of skin cells in the long term. Make the skin in areas with wrinkles and deep wrinkles appear lighter, solve the problem of dull, dry, and peeling skin, and repair loose skin. Tight and smooth, accelerating the process of skin cell regeneration, reducing the production of free radicals, filtering harmful ultraviolet rays from the skin, while maintaining a gentle texture. Will not cause skin allergies or irritation.

เริ่มต้นผลิตขั้นต่ำเพียง 500 ชิ้น (100 ml.) ลงทุนเพียง 72,500 บาท