Kiddy Care Sunscreen

Sunlight is very dangerous to the skin. In addition to causing damage to the skin, Other skin diseases may occur as well, especially for children who like to play outdoor activities. Therefore, sunscreen is very necessary for children. But general sunscreen can be dangerous for children as well. We present children’s sunscreen that is 100% Physical Suncreen to protect the skin from the sun. which is gentle on children’s skin It is also rich in various natural extracts, up to 7 types, that help soothe the skin. Reduce inflammation from the skin that may occur during the day and also contains Ectoin, one of the active ingredients that is accepted widely Because there is research at the clinical test level that covers many aspects.


Ectoin is derived from a bacterium called Halomonas Elongate. The special feature of this bacterium is that it can live in an environment where organisms can’t live. For example, in a stagnant lake with high salinity, the Ectoin will combine with the surface water to form a barrier called “Ectoin Hydro Complex.
It plays a virtual protective role at the cellular level, which helps to protect enzymes and protein from pollutants such as thermal radiation, UVA, UVB,
blue light, PM10, PM1 and PM2. Including cigarette smoke and automobile exhaust.

1. Ectoin is a kind of armor to protect skin cells, which can obviously improve
skin health and reduce aging blur.

2. Ketone compounds (hydrocortisone) can effectively relieve inflammation,
skin irritation or anti-inflammatory effects. It has been used to treat eczema
and skin allergy, including psoriasis. Studies have found that psoriasis patients
can also be used to treat acne inflammation, which helps to reduce the
bacterial infection that causes acne, and more importantly, helps adolescent
inflammation to quickly subside without leaving dark traces.

3. It can effectively replenish skin moisture, reduce water loss and increase skin
moisture. For those who are prone to loose skin, it can not only make the skin
armor stronger, but more importantly, it can still keep the skin moisture when
it is stopped. Therefore, Ectoin has the characteristics of filling and blocking the
moisture of skin cells.

Phytoact cosyplex

It is a composition composed of natural extracts from Korea, including Phaseolus radiatus seed extract, Betula Platyphylla Japan ICA Bark extract and Rumex Crispus Root Extract. It has the functions of relieving irritation and inflammation, reducing allergy, reducing inflammation, protecting cells from
all kinds of pollution, and making cells strong. It consists of three key components.
1.Phaseolus aureus or phaseolus radiatus or Korean mung bean extract (“mango”) contains antioxidant protein and flavonoids, which can increase skin elasticity and moisture, promote the health of skin cells and inhibit the release of histamine, which is another cause of allergens, and also help to reduce wrinkles and increase the density of collagen fibers.
2. Berthoulat Platifira Soukat. Val Japan or Bai Niao can protect fibroblasts and keratinocytes from ultraviolet radiation by inhibiting the activity of PLA 2, cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase. Lipoxygenases related to the secretion of inflammatory mediators include arachidonic acid, prostaglandin and leukotriene.
3.Rumex crispus(Curled Dock) pretreated the skin of various pollutants by inhibiting enzyme activity, hyaluronidase and inflammatory factor release blockers (IL-1α, IL-6). IL-8, TNF-α).


Protect your skin from all 5 types of harmful pollutants: 5in1 5G, UV, IR, Blue light, Pollution, including ingredients from Tara fruit extract from the Andes mountains. that tolerates dry conditions well It has been widely used in traditional medicine texts. It is high in Tannins, helping to fight free radicals effectively. Sunflower sapling extract. Flowers facing the light Give the power of warmth Reduce stress and provide energy in the mitochondrial cells. Protects skin tissue-building cells The skin will be young forever.

Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Tocopherol can easily absorbed by the skin, can promote skin metabolism, prevent pigmentation, improve skin elasticity and moisturize the skin. Tocopherol is used as a natural antioxidant, it reacts primarily with reactive oxygen species and plays an important role in light protection, reducing UV-induced free radical damage to skin.

Phytobaby cap

Citrus aurantium tachibana Peel Extract Orange peel helps reduce inflammation. Helps to nourish dry, cracked, flaky skin.

Artemisia capillaris Extract is an herb that is excellent for reduce inflammation. Helps to nourish dry, cracked, flaky skin.

Pueraria lobata Root Extract contains flavonoids that help reduce skin inflammation. and reduce itching.

Minimum production is only 500 pieces (30 g.), with an investment of only THB 85,000